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Exceptional service for all your permitting needs

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we hope that our friends and clients have fared well.


As we all work to get our community back together, Elite Consulting of SWFL is commited to providing you with assistance in permitting and inspections. Please extend this help to homeowners that need assistance with permitting to repair their homes or businesses, we want to make sure everyone is safe and compliant with applicable codes.


Our office is open for business as of Monday September 18th, however we are currently without internet and phone lines. We have adjusted our system to re-route calls however our phone service is very sporadic; please send your requests via email at or leave us voicemail messages at 239-280-0570. We will return the calls within the same day.


We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing our hometown back to normal as soon as possible.

Elite Consulting Team


Process permits and associated paperwork throughout SWFL


Plan Review and inspections as alternative to local building deaprtment.


From small remodels to large multi family residences, we can help you with all aspects of permitting and inspections.


We can help you to get your project completed in a shorter time frame by using private provider services.


Personel with years of experience in building code at your service.


Whether you are designing your next project or you have a design professional working for you, we can help you through the permitting process and inspections to bring your project to reality.

Make us part of your team!



We help you to get through the permitting process so you can be done with your remodel as soon as possible. We assist in obtaining the permit and completing the inspections to meet your or your client's strict deadlines.

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